Вышла новая версия PrestaShop v1.5.6.0

Всем привет! Сегодня вышла новая версия PrestaShop, разработчики написали что изменений очень много. Большое количество ошибок пофиксили(исправили).
PrestaShop v1.5.6.0

Вот короткий список доработок
  • [-] Installer: added the missing default tab in the employee
  • [-] INSTALLER: Fix bug #PSCFV-8289 bad orders vouchers total after update
  • [-] INSTALLER: Wrong SQL query for PS_LEGACY_IMAGES to 0
  • [-] INSTALLER: short_description for PREFIX_manufacturer_lang is now type TEXT
  • [-] INSTALLER: Fix infinite loop when order message has additional ampersand
  • [-] INSTALLER: Fix fatal error in upgrade, could not load configuration class
  • [-] INSTALLER: no update value in fix_download_product_feature_active
  • [-] INSTALLER: Fix fatal error when upgrading
  • [-] FO: isVirtualCart was forced to false
  • [-] FO: Fix display of quantity discounts on product pages if the customer is allowable for multiple discount for the same quantity #PSCFV-10580
  • [-] FO: packages should be splitted with advanced stock management when carrier is not associated to multiple warehouse
  • [-] FO: Fix #PSCFV-10480 again, css fix
  • [-] FO: Fix #PSCFV-10480 again css fix
  • [-] FO: Fix bug #PSCFV-10478 could not see auto added cart rule voucher on product page
  • [-] FO: Fix #PSCFV-10461
  • [-] FO: Fix bug #PSCFV-10328 Set country currency if defined when geolocated
  • [-] FO: Fix Product::getAttributesGroups() minimal_quantity/weight/available_date should be multishop
  • [-] FO: replace ucfirst by ucwords for the customer firstname #PSCFV-10396
  • [-] FO: 301 Redirect /iso_lang to /iso_lang/ url
  • [-] FO: Fix bug #PSCFV-8917 taxes calculation when changing delivery address
  • [-] FO: Fix SSL links on domain_ssl instead domain
  • [-] FO: fixed chinese search with multiple symbols #PSCFV-10322
  • [-] FO: Partial fix of adding gift on cart rule on the same entity in the cart rule
  • [-] FO: Fix bug #PSCFV-10118 quantity not updated when cart rules give the same product as gift
  • [-] FO: fixed bug when is virtual cart on OPC carriers is no longer displayed
  • [-] FO: FixBug when route id is empty
Последнюю версию PrestaShop Вы также можете скачать у нас на сайте, на странице prestaservice.org/page/download/

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