Вышла новая версия PrestaShop v1.6.0.12

Добрый день, любители интернет магазинов на базе PrestaShop, сегодня на свет появилась новая версия:)
Вышла новая версия PrestaShop v1.6.0.12

Основные изменения

# v1.6.0.12 - (2015-02-23)

Fixed bugs:

[-] INSTALLER : Fix #PSCSX-2894
[-] INSTALLER : Install default data on all languages installed if available && allow to install all available languages with CLI installer

[-] SECURITY : Fix PSCSX-4566 : Allow user to set a html value for configuration, safely.

[-] FO : Fix bug #PNM-2760, bad delete link
[-] FO : Fixed bug allowing large original store picture to be used in the store-list, instead of the medium thumbnail one
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4628, commas in Adress formats // last part
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4628, commas in Adress formats // first part
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4450 correct getItemTable
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4570 multi-shipping tpl
[-] FO : Follow up https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/2466
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4467, Exception in guest checkout
[-] FO : Warning #PSCSX-4555
[-] FO : Fix discount Percentage rouding for product page
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4354, bad default order by best sales controller
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4424, could not index products in multishop
[-] FO : Fix bug #PNM-2169 again, #PNM-3228, favorites products when ssl not on all pages
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4399, lost css from https://github.com/PrestaShop/blocksearch/commit/eb132270cc6819c65a0712f66cc3ee9b277eac99
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4318, could not configure column on pagenotfound
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4309, bad delivery time in multicarrier
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4222, add id_attribute in attributes anchor
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4198, bad group by on getAttributesColorList
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4229, could not see contacts when cusomer reply
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4225, could no load order on order slips in my accoutnt
[-] FO : Fix css bug #PSCSX-4246
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4253 : "List view" bug in official theme.
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4246, avaibility status when no stock management
[-] FO : BlockSearch JS: fix keyup event binding
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-2075, last part update block cart in OPC
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4211 wrong invoice by country.
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4187 product in pack
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4188 bad assign
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4159, bad base price display when specific price
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4167, avoid 2 free shipping cart rules
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4158, could not display left column on guest tracking
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4156 Incomplete microdata with schema.org on product-list
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4153, trim # in order reference
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCFV-12391, rouding for productPriceWithoutReduction
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-1975 RTL for accessories / crossseling / productscategory
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4020, could not have /tools/ in link_rewrite
[-] FO : Fix css bug #PSCSX-2511 last part
[-] FO : Fix css #PSCSX-2511, first part
[-] FO : Fix css #PSCSX-2724
[-] FO : Fix css #PSCSX-2143
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4090
[-] FO : Css fix #PSCSX-2415
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4044 manutention
[-] FO : Could not see availability_statut when no available later value
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-2963, collapse blockcart in accordion + norms
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4012, missing product in order_customer_comment
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3986, could not use manufacturer selects
[-] FO : Fix bug #SCSX-3986, could not use blockmanufacturer select on index
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-1292 white spaces in prices
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3601, invoice post code validation, thanks @Edwin
[-] FO : Fix default region in google maps call
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-3875 carrier max weight
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3939, no catalog mode when group is not enabled and using groups show_prices
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-3902 quantity by carrier for advanced product
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-3943 css issue
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-281 delayed shipping for a single product
[-] FO : Fix multiple "Add to cart" event when block layered is used This issue was first discovered on IE, but we also noticed that the event is also fired on Firefox/Chrome but does fire add to cart process. By adding off() to theses events, we prevent this behaviour to happen when using ajaxCart.overrideButtonsInThePage() method. This is a simple inherit from the previous ajaxCart version (PS 1.5) that is using unbind() to prevent this behaviour.
[-] FO : Follow up https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/2109
[-] FO : fix the search when the order_by is configured as date_add
[-] FO : Fix css bug #PSCSX-3842 payment divs classes
[-] FO : Fix css bug PSCSX-3759
[-] FO : Set the tax calculation method on PaymentModule::validateOrder() after loading the customer #PNM-2710
[-] FO : Fix #2965 little css issue
[-] FO : Correct bad ajax cart behavior on mobile #PSCSX-3772
[-] FO : https detection using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO (use by cloudflare)
[-] FO : Correct topmenu scrolling issue on touch devices #PNM-2943
[-] FO : Product::getNewProducts() perfs improvements
[-] FO : Subcategory name double truncate
[-] FO : Fix PSCSX-3357 second part isCached bad call
[-] FO : Fix PSCSX-3357 part fix add media

[-] BO : FixBig #PSCSX-4690, #PSCSX-4676 - Fixing Credit slip - Part 2
[-] BO : FixBig #PSCSX-4690, #PSCSX-4676 - Fixing Credit slip - Part 1
[-] BO : FixBug #PSCSX-4667 - Do not refund if no quantity selected
[-] BO : Hide field for totally refunded product line
[-] BO : Show free shipping vouchers in manual order
[-] BO : avoid duplicates on modules image thumbnail
[-] BO : Notices + bad merge
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4496 send if add tax or not to voucher
[-] BO : missing double quote breaking addons modal title and link
[-] BO : Fix Bug #PNM-3248 - Missing module name in warning
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4479 correct media server if settings was badly update
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4320 typo error
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4453 check float instead of int
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4452 correct sync for product in pack
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4504, could not delete order retunr states
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4504, bulk delete on order statues
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4504, bad display for two last default order states
[-] BO : Empty legend after image upload
[-] BO : #PSCSX-3031 - Set KPI for product out of stock
[-] BO : #PSCSX-4221 Fix the wrong preview of the products rewrited URLs.
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4200, bad toolbar after attribute generator
[-] BO : #PSCSX-4223 Fix wrong category for imported products.
[-] BO : Update help link with employee language
[-] BO : Update for fix the titles of #PSCSX-4219.
[-] BO : Fix bug wrong Context mode name
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4219 wrong controller title.
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4068 renew cache for favicon
[-] BO : Login / no loading of QuickAccess
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4049 autocomplete off
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4131 credit slip pdf
[-] BO : Fix bad attachments delete link
[-] BO : Fix undefined feature value when importing products with inactive lang
[-] BO : Fix #PSCFV-12332 gift product on product add
[-] BO : Fix display bug when enbling url rewrite
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3351, bad cache option display
[-] BO : Fix category tree on category addition / breadcrumb
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4078 css issue
[-] BO : use correct controller
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3829, store hours to text type
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3119 cart_rule in bo order
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4052, check htaccess is writable before generation in AdminPerf
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-2860, cross domain policy on AdminAdress + vatnumber module
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4007, bad error display on customers import
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3654, do not force id_catgeory_default on product import, thanks @MrBukowski
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3989 synchronise if received completely
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3332, new address on order addresses modification
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-533 first supply order real quantity pending receipt
[-] BO : Fix #PSCFV-11417 delete product in line advanced stock
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3932 tab module name to uppercase + norms
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-1217 supply order
[-] BO : Delete and duplicate images using WATERMARK_HASH
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3039 wording at duplicate
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3893, Prev/ next buttons on order page does not check current Shop selection
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3899 can't create order if no shipping available
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCFV-12272, can not translate theme overriden mails
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3888, No "size limit" for the icon on Firefox
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3869, error on max virtual file size
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3856, bad controller names
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-1829 sort by xml order
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3818, update logos
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3849 bad redirection after change enable/disable
[-] BO : Follow up https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/2257 conOtant undefined
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3805, invalid token on cancel
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-3787, parent tab
[-] BO : Wrong tabs variable name during export
[-] BO : HelperList / Fix "No records found" style
[-] BO : fixed bug while use filter with enter key

[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-1907 // follow up https://github.com/zapalm/PrestaShop/commit/2768cf4c6afc11e1d97be3f9bb906881248eb9ad
[-] CORE : backward compatibility with "tab" parameter
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4654, could not install module override
[-] CORE : Module names should be lowercase
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-4496 all in ti
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4477, exception on adding profile
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCFV-12694, set default value in base for available_date
[-] CORE : fix cache name in State.php
[-] CORE : #PSCSX-4331, double payment when invoices disabled
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4330, additional quotes in TR
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4326, bad specific price conversion
[-] CORE : fix bug #PSCSX-4280, cross policy for fonts
[-] CORE : Fix bug #replaceByAbsoluteURL, cross policy for fonts
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4176, no available_date if combinations
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-4270, do not write empty translations
[-] CORE : #PSCSX-4249 - mysqli_result::fetch_all available with mysqlnd
[-] CORE : #PSCSX-4249 - mysqli_result::fetch_all missing before PHP 5.2
[-] CORE : Fix multishop issue #PSCSX-4197
[-] CORE : Fix multishop kpi issue #PSCSX-3724
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-4191 clean code
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-4162 shipping cost badly calculate
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4089, wrong base uri in Mail::send
[-] CORE : #PSCSX-4063 Fatal on changeIdOrderState
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4046, renew CCC CSS and JS cahce when enabling option
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCFV-12072 follow up #1780
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-4033 recept accept namespace
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-2916 bad canonical redirection with unicode
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCFV-12405 fix stock available create multishop product
[-] CORE : Fix bug #PSCSX-4008, replace accents in aliases
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-3141 Add symbols to url when accented cars
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-3919 decrease stock LIFO
[-] CORE : Follow up https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/2018
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-3836 id_employee stck mvt
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCFV-6197 Add new state for cod module
[-] CORE : actionUpdateQuantity should be called after cache is cleared
[-] CORE : fixing an error with non-multilang ObjectModel instance

[-] WS : Notice #PSCSX-4687

[-] PDF : Missing translation in PDF

[-] LO : Fix PSCSX-4657 - metric system for El Salvador
[-] LO : Update default Lithuanian currency

Improved/changed features:

[*] FO : Better currency display in blockcurrencies
[*] FO : BlockSearch JS: small fix
[*] FO : Refractor input variables and code
[*] FO : Fix #PSCSX-2075, hide shipping cost until delivery first part
[*] FO : Fix #PSCSX-2895, change stock labels colors
[*] FO : #1530 Enhance products check access in order process
[*] FO : #PSCFV-9398 nb_products count foreach manufacturer and supplier
[*] FO : Fix #PSCSX-3797, ebable optin && newsletter registration

[*] BO : PrestaShop RSS analytics update
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4073, check specific price input
[*] BO : Prevent delete logs on page refresh
[*] BO : Do not display non-isntalled theme if they cant be installed
[*] BO : Fix max size upload value for HelperUpload
[*] BO : Better currency display in admin payment
[*] BO : Fix URL when JS toggles #module_install
[*] BO : Add 'add new module' button for host mode
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4040, duplicate product link
[*] BO : add font files gzip management in .htaccess generated by Apache Optimization setting
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-2478, sort attributes in initFormAttributes
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4031, fix upload theme by URL
[*] BO : Fix multiple install for addons theme, follow up bdec19ea174a07325927007cc43aeee4e239cb06
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-3441, match product ref when importing attributes
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-1237, Fix gross margin calculation for KPI
[*] BO : moved display*ListAfter inside form
[*] BO : Bcc in Mail::Send was not check for vaild e-mail
[*] BO : fix background color issue in RTL BO
[*] BO : Firstname before Lastname in customerlist
[*] BO : Allow price on Attribute Generator to be negative, to set it to impact decrease

[*] CORE : Add ObjectModel::disableCache() - useful in case of loading a lot of objects
[*] CORE : Use named constante for GeoLiteCity.dat
[*] CORE : Fix #PSCFV-12676, enable search strict ending
[*] CORE : Fix bug #PSCFV-10939, thanks @sfroment42
[*] CORE : Add new hook actionBeforeCartUpdateQty Follow up previous commit Removed 'id_product' from array We can't remove $id_product_attribute, data come from Tools::getValue('ipa') or the default product attribute if undefined
[*] CORE : Add new hook actionBeforeCartUpdateQty Follow up previous commit, add some line feeds
[*] CORE : Add new hook actionBeforeCartUpdateQty In order to block some cart actions, we must have an input before Cart::updateQty() is processed. It's way better than doing the job after actionCartSave hook so the cart is only updated (or not) one time.
[*] CORE : Introduce brand new .gitignore
[*] CORE : Add an option to use a relative protocol link in the class Link #PSCSX-3306

Added Features:

[+] FO : Add Powered-By PrestaShop header
[+] FO : Add classes for facilitate integration
[+] FO : Indicate paginated content

[+] BO : can override an helper theme for only a controller of an ModuleAdminController, not just the entire controllers of this one
[+] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4127, Add new details for theme install in hostmode
[+] BO : Add button to create new theme
[+] BO : Only regenerate watermark for product image type selected
[+] BO : Allow user to install theme from unzipped folder
[+] BO : Set for each order status if invoice / delivery-slip should be added to email as pdf

[+] CORE : Add Mode to Context
[+] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-3658 fix comment not remove in override module
[+] CORE : Adding disabled option on switch field
[+] CORE : File size check option on Uploader class
[+] CORE : add Controller::ajaxDie() and two hooks into it - useful to not override an entire method

[+] MO : Watermark : Show nonwatermarked image for logged in customers

[+] PDF : Added product images

[+] LO : Added Canadian French Installer

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