Вышла новая версия PrestaShop v1.6.1.1 RC2

Доброго времени суток, дорогие пользователи. Мы точно знаем что Вы все любите обновления, так как в них исправляется множество багов, и добавляются новые фишки. Компания PrestaShop не стоит на месте, и старается выпускать все более продвинутые и лучшие версии движка. И скорее всего свет увидит новая версия движка под релизом 1.7.
Вышла новая версия PrestaShop v1.6.1.1 RC2

Новую версию как всегда можно скачать у нас без каких либо проблем на странице загрузок.
Давайте же рассмотрим основные изменения движка с предыдущей версией.
Основные изменения:

# v1.6.1.1 - (2015-08-11)

Fixed bugs:

[-] PDF : EN to dejavusans
[-] PDF : Fix shop_address missing in old order_invoice outside of upgrade process
[-] PDF : smarty warning for Order slip. #PSCSX-6245
[-] PDF : Fix #PSCSX-5167, bad date display in delivery slip
[-] PDF : Need to use product_reference that depend of attribute

[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6474 currency input in orders
[-] BO : Fix bug with AdminOrdersController when trying to edit a product
[-] BO : Fix cover image issues (PSCSX-6473)
[-] BO : #PSCSX-6458 KPI not loaded
[-] BO : #PSCSX-6441 small css fix
[-] BO : #PSCSX-6385 remove ability to order position while filtering
[-] BO : Fix filters errors
[-] BO : #PSCSX-6453 Import duplicates parent categories if it does not exist
[-] BO : Set file as required in attachment form
[-] BO : badges in quickview modal
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6457 "Maintenance Mode" disappears in Modules page
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5992, bad display of carriers list
[-] BO : #PSCSX-5968, unable to add payment choosing specific date
[-] BO : #PSCSX-5931 type input field 'file' with multiple option to true
[-] BO : Correct chosen-sprite.png link
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6380 , spaces in products' image url when importing
[-] BO : #PSCSX-6290 Datetimepicker hidden by header
[-] BO : again Fix #PSCSX-5821, after filtering products issue with category
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-5996, ordering Attributes Groups
[-] BO : Fix KPI refresh functions
[-] BO : #PSCSX-6308 refacto order slip PDF generation
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5407 correct cart summary total
[-] BO : Usage of defined Referrer variable
[-] BO : Could not export default theme in dev mode because of .sass-cache
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-4214, "Recommended modules" on Localization Tab
[-] BO : Fix timeout on customer modules list
[-] BO : #PSCSX-6305 Display filters in back-office on mobile
[-] BO : Fix use of custom class with textarea (even if autoload_rte not set)
[-] BO : Remove duplicate bought and must have modules
[-] BO : Fixed bug in partial refund, not executed the hook actionOrderSlipAdd #PSCSX-6287
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6367, unable to see status of vouchers related to customer
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6361, in employee admin theme list name, each theme name is "default"
[-] BO : Use original PS Addons width for modules icons (57 px)
[-] BO : Fix bought module that can't be installed because of the "must have" type
[-] BO : Fix getModuleTranslation()
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5821, after filtering products issue with category tree filter
[-] BO : avoid redirection on addons registration
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5390, duplicate in modules exceptions
[-] BO : libxml_clear_errors cache issue in AdminController Modules list
[-] BO : Set stock option the same for all context shops when creating a new product
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6234, could not update category position to first position
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6206, bad redirection on Transform a guest into a customer
[-] BO : Incorrect price TI initialisation in case of ecotax
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6160, could not select hook in Admin Modules Positions
[-] BO : FixBug #PSCSX-6208 - Profiling redirection error
[-] BO : Fix unknown iso_user JS var while in AdminTab
[-] BO : Fix sign out exception with debug profiling
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-6246 - Wrong cart status filter
[-] BO : FIX #PSCSX-6158, notice in modules list
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5365 id_shop not well set
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5738 duplicate product on supply order
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5883 need to check if multistore is enable
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6138, CustomerMessage->message length (244826) must be between 0 and 65000
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5844, Property CustomerMessage->message is not valid
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-6154 - Customer filter in orders
[-] BO : Media::addJsDefL should be called in admin controllers with addslashes and no htmlentities
[-] BO : More flexible way to declare click function
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6087 "Maintenance Mode" disappears in Modules page
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6086, wrong version in header
[-] BO : Fix bug #NM-513 - JavaScript error on modules using AdminTab
[-] BO : Change bulk modules update
[-] BO : Fix bug #PSCSX-6052 - Invalid date_upd in import
[-] BO : Fix tree issue
[-] BO : Fix #PSCSX-5615 tinymce allow all html element

[-] FO : Fix temp table on slave issue
[-] FO : Fix missing cart rule lines in shopping cart
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-5153, bad free shipping display when carrier out of range
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-5820, close new acount form
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4346 correct ajax display of reduction
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4346 specific price amount tax
[-] FO : #PSCSX-6427, link to favorites product in my accoutn with https
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-4260, "Free shipping" for virtual products, undefined $virtualCart
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-6316, display bug with uniform and selects in left column
[-] FO : #PSCSX-6341 fix bug when apply cart rule with free shipping
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-5038 order state on split order
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-5038 quantity on order detail of split order
[-] FO : #PSCSX-5065, backward compat
[-] FO : auth error if $back is not defined
[-] FO : $order is as class variable
[-] FO : theme retro-compatibility regarding the CGV
[-] FO : #PSCSX-6227 ajax search add hook for stats search
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-6345 handle id_product_attribute
[-] FO : Fixed bug showing errors in manufacturer list
[-] FO : Wrong discount table for combination
[-] FO : Invalid combination price in case of ecotax
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-6275, issue with attribute anchor separator
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4340, wrong tax label display in cart summary
[-] FO : Fix bug #PSCSX-6103, no product images in cart when combinations feature not active
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-6165, root category in breadcrumb
[-] FO : Fix #PSCSX-4340, wrong tax label display in blockcart layer
[-] FO : NOTICE: non-existing property
[-] FO : fixed wrong postcode regexp validation
[-] FO : Fix wrong statement close

[-] CORE : wrong currency on partial voucher using a different currency in an order
[-] CORE : Fix namespace usage in new Core Stock management for PHP 5.2 until v1.7
[-] CORE : Warning on getAvailableCarrierList
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-6420, Notice: : id_country in Country.php
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-6425, phpdoc on orderSlip
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-5471 don't need to update if continue before
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-5611 delete advanced stock row when delete product
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-6395, Exception Property StockMvt->id_supply_order is not valid
[-] CORE : Fix Configuration::updateValue method result
[-] CORE : Fix inserting HTML configuration variable first time
[-] CORE : Remove non-existent params from comment
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-5629 Meta don't scan override dir to check new front controller
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-6081 add those db field in the definition
[-] CORE : Fix missing backquotes on Employee
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-6153 id shop not well set so don't cache
[-] CORE : Correct bug were supply order where validate etc.. but stock not added
[-] CORE : Tools::str_replace doesn't exist
[-] CORE : [-] fix #PSCSX-5826, sql db exception on features and attributes positions cleaning
[-] CORE : Added missing hook on update logo from AdminTheme
[-] CORE : Try to fix #PSCSX-5167, no payment mention in delivery pdf when no invoice
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-3480 htaccess generation with media server
[-] CORE : Module class now add 4 space instead of a tab
[-] CORE : Correct regex that remove ligne when not needed
[-] CORE : Fix #PSCSX-5882 delete loose the information out of stock etc..
[-] CORE : bad property name. image_type doesn't exist anymore. Replaced by imageType
[-] CORE : Fix translation issue with html entities
[-] CORE : Fix PHP 5.2 issue on FileSystem Core class
[-] CORE : fix SSL in CMS links

[-] TEST : Clear hook_alias cache
[-] TEST : You mustn't do assertion on setup or teardown
[-] TEST : add setUpBeforeClass()

[-] IN : Fix bug #NM-474, no hook on header for blocktopmenu on theme copy
[-] IN : Fix #PSCSX-6133, Property TaxRulesGroup->date_add is not valid

[-] PROJECT : Fixed constant name in Order::getTotalPaid
[-] PROJECT : getBrightness() with a short $hex (e.g.: #FFF)

[-] MO : update.gitmodules / add .git to sendtoafriend url

[-] CLASS : DbQuery / Add rightJoin() and rightOuterJoin() methods
[-] CLASS : OrderDetail / Use DbQuery->letJoin() instead of join with LEFT JOIN inside

Deprecated methods:

[~] BO : filters on Prices will match only Equality instead of %LIKE%. #PSCSX-6248

[~] PROJECT : Product packs: specific case to decrease stocks of a pack if one product is sold separately, as #PSCSX-4759

Improved/changed features:

[*] BO : Remove version under the employee drop down
[*] BO : updated BG tab translations
[*] BO : add SR translation for tabs
[*] BO : add ID translation for tabs
[*] BO : add HU translation for tabs
[*] BO : add CS translation for tabs
[*] BO : fix PSCSX-6378, add NL translation for tabs
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6299, Bo redirect_after on AdminSearch
[*] BO : Update wording about SSL
[*] BO : Allow SSL in _PS_HOST_MODE_
[*] BO : #PSCSX-6240 dashbord add tax excl to sales and cart value
[*] BO : #PSCSX-6226 get real margin in stats best category
[*] BO : #PSCSX-6227 display tax ecxlude on average order/cart value
[*] BO : add bower/saas files to gitignore
[*] BO : Fix #PSCSX-6134, redirect_after on adminCustomers
[*] BO : Missing "readonly" attribute in form.tpl for "textarea" input type (Helpform)
[*] BO : fix #PSCSX-6096 untranslate string in orders pdf

[*] LO : fix PSCSX-5812 - updated tab translations

[*] FO : Better display of carrier logo during order process
[*] FO : Remove inline css from js for advancedPayment option
[*] FO : Using class instead of id for displaying AEUC hook

[*] PROJECT : Added TODO comment about Configuration::updateValue method
[*] PROJECT : Convert indentation to spaces

[*] PDF : #PSCSX-6166, Fix base price for specific price in %
[*] PDF : Shop address missing for old orders < 1.6.1 as #PSCSX-6169

[*] CORE : Partial Fix #PSCSX-6135, include users proper defines file

Added Features:

[+] TESTS : Add unit tests for PrestaShop#2867 minifyCSS() && ReplaceByAbsoluteURL()

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